Our next show is October 11 at Death By Audio. It’s the last time we will ever play there. Crazy. Anyways, it’s presented by Exploding in Sound. Kal Marks and Chat Logs are playing. It will be a rad night. Come hang out! #deathbyaudio #kalmarks #chatlogs #explodinginsound


I always have a great time doing concert posters. Working from as abstract and loose a prompt as a band’s music makes me focus on the impact and mood of a piece in a way that I don’t do nearly enough of on my own. For reference, the inspiration music for this show is basically grungy DGAF punk with a bit of an aggressive edge.

P.S. If you live in/around Brooklyn and like this sort of thing, maybe check it out!

This poster is awesome and we’re super excited about this show.

We are part of this rad little label called Money Fire Records. They’re throwing their first label showcase Thursday. Michael is representing us with a weird acoustic set. Money Fire is putting out some killer stuff this fall including our first full length. Check them out, go to the showcase, and get a taste of what is on the way.

8/7/14 @Trash Bar 256 Grand St. Brooklyn, NY 11211
w/Vulture Shit, The Black Black, Earworms, and Grizzlor